Network = Networth

Becoming The #1 Mortgage Broker in Canada with Leanne Myles

December 12, 2022 Dalene Allen / Leanne Myles Season 4 Episode 12
Network = Networth
Becoming The #1 Mortgage Broker in Canada with Leanne Myles
Show Notes

In this episode Dalene interviews Leanne Myles. Leanne is the mortgage magician and a natural born connector! 
Leanne is an Associate Mortgage Broker with the Clinton Wilkins Mortgage Team. She makes it a priority to help clients uncover the root of any credit challenges they may have so she can guide them towards a brighter financial future.

Leanne’s role allows her to assist a wide variety of clients. She works to ensure her clients secure the best product and rate for their needs, depending on their unique circumstances. Her compassionate approach has proven to be valuable to clients and to the rest of the team.

Leanne is dedicated to giving back to her community and the mortgage industry. She served as Director for Nova Scotia with the Canadian Mortgage Brokers’ Association (CMBA) Board of Directors, Atlantic Division in 2017. In 2018, Leanne’s husband was diagnosed with cancer, which has given her the motivation to help people going through tough times. She has brought this mindset to her industry by helping cover mortgage costs for those undergoing medical treatments.

In her free time, Leanne enjoys skiing, snowmobiling, and playing soccer, as well as spending time with her family.

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